What does fresh-to-order mean? This means we only roast when the orders come in. Which means you get the freshest beans possible with your order!

Why specialty coffee? We feel you'll notice a difference right away in the quality of fresh roasted coffee compared to some of the bigger names that roast commercially. There can be so much more to a cup of coffee then just your standard double-double.

How does the pick-up option work? If you are near St. Catharines, Ontario and wish to pick up your order, all you have to do is choose the pick-up option at check out, and then we'll e-mail you to set up a time for contactless pick up!

How does local delivery work? If you're in the Niagara area (which will automatically show up once you type in your address), shipping is only 2 bucks and we deliver every Friday to those orders!

Will you grind my beans for me? Yes, there is an option for ground beans, but we highly suggest you choose whole bean. Grinding right before you brew makes a world of difference to how your coffee tastes! This will also keep your beans fresher longer!

What's the best way to brew coffee? This is highly subjective, but in our opinion, using the pour over method allows you the most control over your brew and results in the best tasting cup.